How Much Does A Tesla Semi Cost To Fill Up?

The Tesla Semi is an all-electric semi truck that is revolutionizing the trucking industry. This impressive semi has set a new benchmark for diesel trucks with its high-performance features and superior range.

tesla Semi
tesla Semi

With no need for diesel fuel, Teslas can travel up to 500 miles on one charge, making them much more efficient than traditional semis.

The cost per mile of operation with a Tesla Semi is significantly lower than that of average oil-powered semis, resulting in better cost savings overall.

Additionally, with the help of MIT technology, the Tesla Semi is able to maintain a consistent speed and charge level over long distances – something that most diesel trucks cannot do. Prices for the Tesla Semi vary depending on mileage and other factors but are generally comparable to or lower than traditional semis when factoring in total operating costs per mile.

For an owner with 200k miles, the Tesla Semi would pay for itself within a few years. The biggest money saving factor is of course fuel costs. By running on electricity, the Tesla Semi eliminates diesel fuel costs entirely and replaces them with electric energy costs which are much lower per mile.

While the upfront cost of a Tesla Semi may be higher than a traditional diesel truck, this cost means money savings in the long run due to significantly reduced fuel and maintenance expenses. Overall, it makes sense for any truck owner looking at their bottom line to consider making the switch from diesel to electric.

The Tesla Semi is expected to cost around $200,000 for the 300mi version and $150,000 for the 200mi version. This dramatic cost savings can be realized thanks to the range of a Tesla Semi.

With its 500 mile range, it can easily go further than any diesel truck without needing multiple stops for fuel. In the long run, electricity prices are much cheaper than diesel fuel too – with an average 10 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) versus up to $4 per gallon for diesel fuel.

This means that Tesla Semi trucks cost much less to fill up than diesel trucks. For example, a Tesla Semi will cost 26 cents per mile with electricity while diesel trucks can range from $1.51 to $2.50 per mile. Maintenance costs are also much lower with electric semi manufacturers like Tesla providing free charging stations and no need for oil changes or engine maintenance.

The average cost of 7 miles in the Tesla Semi is estimated to be around $1.82, which is far less than the equivalent mileage in a diesel truck would run you on average – about $10-17 for the same distance!

A traditional diesel semi truck costs around $70,000 to purchase and can haul up to 80,000 pounds of diesel fuel at a time. On the other hand, the Tesla Semi is powered by an electric motor and features advanced truck components such as a fuel cell battery that can store energy for long distances.

In recent literature reviews, Specd OTR estimated that Tesla Semis will cost around $150k per unit and have an approximate range of 300-500 miles on a full charge. This makes it much more cost effective than traditional diesel trucks in terms of running costs due to the savings on fuel alone.

It also has significantly fewer emissions than its diesel counterparts which is another important factor when considering how much does a Tesla Semi cost to fill up?

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